Mclean County Public Access Records Search

Mclean county public access provides information and access to public records and documents created, used, or under the control of any public agency. The Mclean county public access records are stated under the Illinois Freedom of Information act. They include reports and documents such as Electronic data processing records, Memoranda, Microfilms and Tapes, and other records regardless of their physical form or characteristic.

Mclean County Public Access

Any individual can access the Mclean county public access records under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. The information is given by the Mclean county circuit clerk public access to records with a prior request.

Mclean County Public Access

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act allows the public to examine and request copies of certain reports. However, the Mclean county IL public access is given only under certain circumstances, and the Freedom of Information Act does apply to records such as:

  • Any report or document that violates a person’s Right to Privacy.
  • Documents and Reports that may be a potential threat to the security and safety of detention centres and correctional institutions.
  • Information and Reports that may threaten the security of a building or infrastructure.
  • Any document that is compiled and withheld by a public agency for any administrative enforcement proceedings.
  • Records that mention the Trade Information for commercial or financial transactions.
  • Records that include Juvenile Criminal History and information.
  • Library records that give personal information to identify its user with specific materials.
  • Records that comprise of Bidding proceedings and information
  • Information or Report that undermines a person’s right to a fair trial.

The records made available to the requesting party by the Mclean County circuit court public access rely on the requesting authority and the purpose of the request. Complying with the State laws, most of the conviction information is disseminated and given for public access. Criminal history background checks can be obtained upon request but depend on the type of check required.

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Mclean Public Access Record System

The Mclean county circuit clerk public access information can be obtained by using the Public Access Record System. The system helps find the preferred document by providing the name of the party involved or the case number according to court proceedings and records.

The information provided on the Public Access Record System includes information only of Mclean county IL registered cases. Individuals requesting access to certain information cannot consider these records as official court records. It is the requesting party’s responsibility to ensure the fair use of the information provided and be aware of the criteria under which the information is made available.

Traffic or Criminal Cases

A requesting party that requires information on background checks like traffic or criminal cases must keep in mind that the name appears on top changes as it has been used as an alias by the person whose name appears on top by default.

For traffic and criminal cases, the data available on the Public Access Record System is from 1991 to the present time and is regularly updated.

A requesting party that requires traffic and criminal cases that are before the year 1991:

  • Will have to put in a written request to the Mclean County circuit clerk for public access.
  • The written request is to be made with a fee of $6 per person per year.
  • The requesting party can also visit on-site and search manual books on their own with permission for access.

Civil Cases

For Civil cases, the data of “Open Cases” is made available on the Public Access Record Systems between 2008 to the present time and is regularly updated on the system.

For “Closed Cases”, the data available on the Record System is for cases 7 years before the day of request. For any cases or reports that do not contain any information, the requesting party has to file a written inquiry that involves the name and case number as per court records and submit it to the Circuit Clerk.

Sex Offender Information

For individuals inquiring for sex offender information in Mclean County, the information is available on the Illinois Sex Offenders Registry. The requesting party can access the information by names, registration numbers, addresses, and proximity to specific locations within the County. All the information regarding Sex Offenders is submitted to the State Police by the Mclean County Sheriff’s Office before the information being made for public access.

The Illinois Sex Offenders Registry also provides information about offender compliance status, relevant online IDs like email addresses and social media handles, and changes to their location.

Inmate Records

The Online Detainee Locator System provides information about inmate records to the public. The Locator system contains all the information about inmates of any Illinois Jail. The requesting party can search for the inmate by providing the biological data of the inmate like name, date of birth, and birth county or the A-number of the inmate, if available with the requesting party. for more information surf WI CCAP blog

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